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Welcome to the IEEE Public Safety Initiative. This is a newly approved effort under IEEE Future Directions. Learn more about the vision and goals of this initiative.

Please note, the website is a work in progress and will be constantly updating with new content and pages as the initiative continues to grow.

Feature Article

The Feature Article area will highlight articles and news about general public safety technology-related topics.

Solar Cells

IEEE’s Plan To Help Combat Climate Change

It focuses on increasing public awareness about technology solutions

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Climate Abstract

How Engineers Can Help Protect Earth From Worsening Climate Change

Technologies such as SaaS and IoT can play major roles

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Technology Spotlight

The Technology Spotlight area will feature articles and news about specific public safety technologies and their impacts on the field.

LIDAR Maintenance

Automating Road Maintenance With LiDAR Technology

Team from SICK’s TiM$10K Challenge creates system to automate road maintenance

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Smart Home Security

Building the Future of Smart Home Security

Engineers must invent new technology to enhance security products’ abilities

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