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Welcome to the IEEE Public Safety Initiative. This is a newly approved effort under IEEE Future Directions. Learn more about the vision and goals of this initiative.

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MOVE operations class

MOVE is offering a 3-part, Virtual Operations Class. This class is required for everyone interested in deploying on the MOVE truck or has a general interest in the program. They discuss what to expect when deploying, what equipment is on the MOVE truck, and several safety procedures when working around the truck. Register today.

Feature Article

EV Shock Protection

New Technique Reduces Electrocution Risk After EV Crash

Some components can maintain a dangerous voltage for up to 5 minutes postcrash

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IEEE Public Safety Technology (PST) Initiative Partners with MOVE Program

PST is proud to announce that it has partnered with the IEEE MOVE Program to strengthen IEEE’s efforts towards public safety.

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DHS Researches Overcoming Occlusions in Video Surveillance for Public Safety

Computer vision and machine learning may help first responders overcome obstructions to what they can see.

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Technology Spotlight

AI TB diagnosis

AI Matches Doctors in Screening for Tuberculosis

TB is the second-leading cause of death by an infectious disease, behind only COVID-19

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Co2rail train station

Future Trains Could Provide Carbon Capture on Wheels

Startup CO2Rail's idea would use existing trains and tracks to suck carbon out of the atmosphere

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Cochlear Implants

Restoring Hearing with Beams of Light

Gene therapy and optoelectronics could radically upgrade hearing for millions of people

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