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Welcome to the IEEE Public Safety Initiative. This is a newly approved effort under IEEE Future Directions. Learn more about the vision and goals of this initiative.

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The 2024 IEEE World Forum on Public Safety Technology (WF-PST) covers:

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Feature Article

First MOVE MODULAR Application in Puerto Rico: Experiences, Steps, and Future Work

The Feb Tech Talk session, First MOVE MODULAR Application in Puerto Rico: Experiences, Steps, and Future Work, was presented by Loderay Bracero Marrero and Jenifer Castillo.

View the Collabratec links for recordings and slides:




5G abstract13

FEMA and FCC Plan Nationwide Emergency Alert Test for 4 Oct

Test Messages Will be Sent to All TVs, Radios and Cell Phones

Read more at FEMA

First Responders

Poll: First responders lack the funds to purchase equipment and technology

A majority of first responder agencies lack necessary funds for purchasing equipment and technology

Read more at EMS1

Drone ice

Studying Climate Change with an Ice Radar Drone

This budget system probes beneath the ice to discover its secrets

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Technology Spotlight

EV charging tower

Tower of Power Charges EVs, No Grid Required

Solar- and wind-based EV charger originally designed for off-grid farms

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African Hydropower

African Hydropower Confronts Cheap Solar and Wind

Climate woes and price-cratering renewables present a rocky course ahead

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call center

Enhancing public safety with real-time crime centers

Recent leaps in intelligence technology have provided new resources that empower law enforcement agencies to respond faste

Read more at Federal News Network

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